क्योंकि सच जानना आपका हक़ है
क्योंकि सच जानना आपका हक़ है
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Doon Horizon was born as a bilingual weekly newspaper committed to constructive, crusading journalism. As a people’s paper geared to take a stand, to follow the hard investigative story.

A fearless paper ready to create opinion, and not just remain a passive vehicle of news. Over the years, Doon Horizon has firmly established itself as a people’s media choice. With public interest journalism, serious opinion and analysis, Doon Horizon has earned unmatched credibility and brand recall.

It has very quickly established an enviable reputation for the quality of its reportage, the eminence of its writers, and the refinement of its analyses and ideas. As a premium bilingual weekly, Doon Horizon, increasingly, influences almost every opinion leader and decision maker in the country.

In the four years since it was born, Doon Horizon has stood the test. Its courage under fire is well-known. But most importantly, it has brought back into hard focus the two most crucial pillars of a free press: public interest and the appetite to question.

One of the most important keys to a free and just society is the existence of a strong and independent media. A media that acts as our conscience and brings news and perspective to us on issues of national interest. A media that acts without fear or favour.

Doon Horizon Digital Introduction

Doon Horizon introduced its digital version namely as doonhorizon.in covering the entire world in a more precise way. Since then Doon Horizon is growing day by day.

Our valuable readers can get updated and authentic information about items and topics of their interest. We endeavors all the mandatory efforts to enrich our searchers and readers with the latest and required news and information about India and World from all categories like, Politics, Crime, National and International Affairs, Entertainment, Sports and much more.

Our team of writers & editors maintain the level of ease and understand-ability for comfort of our readers and their preferences.

For regular updates and information about India and the World, stay always tuned to our website www.doonhorizon.in

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