Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series: list of Top Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series To Watch In June 2024

Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series: With its captivating material and distinctive narrative, Ullu has become a major participant in the ever-changing Indian web series market. Ayushi Jaiswal is one of the gifted actors who has made a big impact on Ullu's success because of her engaging performances. 
Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series: list of Top Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series To Watch In June 2024
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Ayushi has gained a devoted following and received praise for her performances in several Ullu web series because of her charm, adaptability, and acting talent. Enter the realm of Ullu and discover Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series incredible journey via her standout performances.

Notable Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series

Let's examine some of the notable 30 Best Ayushi Jaiswal web series where has demonstrated her abilities in more detail:

1. Palang Tod

As the primary female character in "Palang Tod: Caretaker," Ayushi Jaiswal gives a riveting performance. The show tells the tale of a young lady who accepts a position taking care of an old guy. But then things take a strange turn when she starts to feel attracted to the man's kid, which sets off a complicated chain reaction of feelings and wants. Ayushi skillfully captures the internal struggle that her character faces by giving her a nuanced and sensitive portrayal.

2. Charmsukh

"Charmsukh" features Ayushi Jaiswal in a mesmerizing avatar, captivating viewers with her enigmatic presence. The series revolves around the entangled relationships and dark secrets of a dysfunctional family. Ayushi's portrayal of a woman trapped in a web of deceit and betrayal is both compelling and haunting. Her ability to convey complex emotions through subtle gestures and expressions is commendable, making her performance a standout feature of the series.

3. Andar Bahar

In "Andar Bahar," Ayushi Jaiswal shines in a bold and challenging role. The series explores the theme of patriarchy and societal norms through the story of a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage. Ayushi delivers a powerful performance, portraying the character's struggle for liberation and self-discovery with conviction and grace. Her portrayal resonates with audiences, highlighting the importance of breaking free from societal shackles and embracing one's true identity.

4. Atript

This is the tale of a couple who become the victims of a ghost that harasses them in a sexual manner.This is the tale of a couple who become the victims of a ghost that harasses them in a sexual manner. This is the tale of a couple who become the victims of a ghost that harasses them in a sexual manner.

5. Rose Marlo

An elderly Ayurvedic medicine practitioner unexpectedly passes out. Following this tragedy, his son took over the medical store and, with the assistance of friends, changed it to suit his comfort level. He connives with attractive ladies in order to entice clients.

6. The Bucket List

Young and bold, Rani marries Sudhir, a man leading a traditional, everyday life. When Sudhir learns that Rani has a list of sexual fantasies that she intends to fulfill, tensions between the pair grow.

7. Pati Patni and She

A lady who is blind Jaya was married to a villager, but he subsequently cheated on her by taking advantage of her impairments and threatening to have a blind woman exact retribution.

8. Yakshini

Discover the enticing and spine-tingling world of YAKSHINI. What was the official title of Yakshini (2023)'s English release in Canada? The primary cast of this web series includes Bharti Jha, Aayushi Jaiswal, and Dev Dehman.

9. Wafa

Deepak is a writer who has an extremely regimented life. As a result, his wife Shikha becomes extremely irate and begs his buddy Tushar to spice up his dull husband's life.

10. X-Class

The girl in this narrative enrolls in a private home tuition program taught by a young, female teacher. The girl frequently witnesses her instructor having passionate conversations with her spouse at home. Along with her buddy who becomes close to her instructor, the girl began to feel drawn to her teacher's spouse and began to do pranks to get closer to him.

11. Napunsak

Jugnu and Babita recently tied the knot, but Babita is unhappy since her husband can't satiate her sexual needs. Babita takes advantage of this and goes to the panchayat to request a divorce.

12. Tharki Halwai

Govind Halwai looks to lead a perfect life with his family, yet he is nevertheless driven by lusty cravings that he can never manage to sate.

13. Manmaniyan

The protagonist of the tale is a middle-aged guy named Dev Kumar, who feels stuck in a midlife crisis. He falls in love with Soni, the friend of his teenage daughter, and this causes him to question his own existence. Dev navigates the intricacies of interpersonal connections in search of beauty and significance despite heartaches and betrayals.

14. Jalebi

The Chhajuram's Since his male organ is larger than average, all four of his wives have left him. His two buddies persuade him to engage in sexual intercourse with Jalebi bhabhi in order to kidnap Chhajuram for their own benefit.

15. Tadap

The show tells the tale of a girl who falls in love with a boy and has a number of difficulties in their relationship.

16. MaalaMaal

The protagonist of the tale is a rapacious girl. She intends to rob a man of his belongings with his girlfriend. You can witness Shyna Khatri, Bharti Jha, Aayushi Jaiswal, and Ravi Mishra in this web series.

17. Amrapali

Amrapali, a pharmacist, creates remedies for men's romantic problems, causing unrest in her little hamlet. While some of the people want her medications available, the elders urge she move out.

18. Chaar Saheliyan

Based on four girls, the narrative is told. They go by the names Chanda, Bachani, Buchi, and Champa. Their friendship is close. Champa recently tied the knot and returned home to her village. Her closest pals are all interested in hearing about her first-night experience. What, though, did she tell her friend?

19. Badan

Ashwin is an infatuated romantic. When he falls in love with Nikki, his world completely collapses, and he subsequently finds out that she is contentedly married. When Ashwin decides to leave Nikki, he gets severely obsessed with her, putting Ashwin in a situation where everything goes wrong.

20. Roopmati

The story of Roopmati tells of a boy who falls in love with a girl, but her father forbids them from meeting. The boy dresses like a lady and goes to the girl's house, where they fall in love. The narrative depicts their romantic relationship during this difficult time.

21. Plan B

The plot of Plan B centers on two sisters, one of whom plots to kill the other in order to obtain her father's fortune.

22. Pichese

Three lads who intend to get into a three-way relationship with a few rural gals. They are successful in their goal as well, but that is only until the three females realize that they are all the same person who has cheated on them.

23. Pinky Darling

In this narrative, four friends who wish to date a prostitute are told about it. One buddy becomes interested in the prostitute through his sister, and he then tries to get the girl out of there.

24. Lady Finger

Sarla and Dev's marriage is going through a difficult time, and Sarla is unsure about Dev's commitment to her. To find out Dev's true motivations, she and her companion Jhanvi organize a rogue operation. She had no idea, though, that Sarla would become entangled in her own web of schemes designed to trick Dev.

25. Walkman

When Roshini's goals and desires are dashed, both in and out of bed, she becomes discouraged. She finds a few tapes with fantastical stories on them, and they send her on an adventurous and enjoyable ride filled with sensuous thrills.

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